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Couples Therapy

Includes pre-marital, married, and non-married couples.

Marriage Counseling Houston

Welcome to the world of marriage counseling Houston. We are happy to have you here reading more about how you can enhance and strengthen your life and relationships.

This is a painful and vulnerable time of your life more likely than not. You are going through some personal problems that you are not sure how to overcome alone.

Are you tired of feeling alone or overwhelmed? Our therapists are able to walk you through pre marriage counseling, marriage therapy, and even christian couples therapy to assist you during this phase of life.

It may take longer or shorter than you imagined. You may learn new things that you had no clue about yourself and your partner. That is how you will heal and overcome these trials and challenges.

houston couples counseling

Couples Counseling

houston marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

houston premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Houston

houston couples therapy

At couples counseling Houston we make sure to hold high standards and live by what we preach. We believe one of the most important values of a company and one that makes us the best at what we do is being a company of trust.

How can a company help others if they cannot be trusted? They simply cannot. This is why with Houston TX marriage counseling we put forth extra time and effort to make sure that we are trusted. We have only the best counselors for couples counseling near me.

They are amazing in the marriage counselling they do. Our clients love them, trust them, and can rely on them to help them gain more out of their marriages and relationships.

It is extremely important in our lives to have and develop deep and meaningful relationships. We as humans thrive on these bonds and connections. We desire to be connected and to feel understood and appreciated.

It is through credible and awesome marriage advice that we can begin to have that. We strive to make sure that our clients have the chance to achieve that while they are here in couples counseling Houston.

We believe that if every couple were to take relationship therapy we would live in a much better world. Let the change begin with you with Houston relationship therapy.

Why would you choose us?

Do you ever feel like a single parent even though you are married? Parenting can be an extremely difficult time for a couple. When you are both busy, have different perspectives on parenting, there can be contention and frequent arguments.

Then you mix in your different personalities and the fire can easily become fueled, leaving two very frustrated people. Our therapists have worked with people going through this for years.

They have worked with other couples that have issues of all different sorts and have had great success in working with these couples as well. We have been part of the community for years and have not slowed on the success that we see while working with and helping couples in relationship counseling Houston.

Here are the types of couples therapy that make us the best here at marriage counseling Houston:

The right fit!

We pair you with a counselor that will best fit your needs for Houston marriage counseling


If not married, we have incredible couples therapy Houston

Cover Houston and Surrounding Areas!

We have marriage counseling near me

Black Counseling!

We offer black marriage counseling Houston

Call right now and you will get to speak with one of our incredible team members who will get you set up with one amazing therapist.

We are willing to answer any concerns or questions and even figure out what therapist would be best for you.


couples counseling help?

Yes marriage counseling Houston helps! We have seen many many relationships go through the process of couples counselling and heal their relationship. People love coming to us because we are non biased and love them no matter what.

We help people in all walks of life. Our customers never feel judged by our christian counselors Houston. They stand by what they preach, which is open mindedness, forgiveness, and christlike love and acceptance.

The process of counseling is pretty simple. You call us and then come into our wonderful facility seeking and searching for peace and understanding in your life and relationships. Our counselors get to know you and you get to know them for the first few sessions together.

Once you know that you are getting along, you learn to respect and love your counselor that is when the doors open and you are ready to dive into therapy. At Houston couples therapy they help you to become more confident in yourself and in your relationships.

They teach you how to better your own life so that you can then better the life of your home, whether that is with a spouse or with a soon to be spouse in premarital counseling.

Come experience how well Houston couples therapy can work for you!

spokane family counseling

What we offer

You will learn many helpful hints, tips, and tricks in our pre marriage counseling Houston course. You will be so happy and grateful that you learned these tools before getting deeper into your relationship.

Houston christian counseling will help you to gain a stronger relationship with your significant other while also gaining a deeper understanding of your beliefs and how it can

help to draw your relationship closer.

Houston marriage counseling is great from you no matter how long you have been married. Everyone will learn something no matter what. We love seeing people's faces light up as they gain new understandings.

Christian marriage counseling

Houston christian counseling is wonderful for the couple that are both religious. We see the most results here in these Houston christian counseling sessions. This is because these couples have not only their therapist and their significant other to report to after each session of christian marriage counseling Houston TX, but also their God.

Christian marriage counseling Houston takes couples therapy to a whole new level and they are able to gain even a stronger and deeper knowledge of themselves.

Premarital counseling

There are many different areas of your life that you need to work on before stepping into a marriage.

With couples therapy Houston you will be given great feedback on how your communication as a couple is.

With this feedback you will have the chance and ability to gain new skills and exercise the new skills you have learned.

Couples counseling Houston

In relationship counseling Houston you begin to learn to healthily express to your partner what it is that you are feeling and thinking and then how to healthily overcome that.

You will benefit from someone being there during relationship counseling Houston TX who is not too invested into one side or the other.

Our therapists at marriage counseling Houston TX are wonderful about seeing both sides of the story and walking you through how to overcome these struggles in a way that makes sense, feels safe and fair to each of you.

All About Houston

Houston is a huge city! It has the highest population in Texas with a whopping 2.3 million people. You know with a city that size there has got to be some pretty fun things to do there.

Houston is very strong in the culture, medicine, and research industries. This makes Houston a global city. Houston is known to be the most racially and ethnically diverse places in the United States.

Thankfully in Houston you are in the clear of tornados. The only thing you may experience is some flooding from the heavy rains it experiences.

Houston is known for its LGBT community and has one of the largest pride parades in the United States. Everyone is accepted.

Houston loves using natural energy sources such as; wind, solar, oil and natural gas. Here we have every professional sports team; minus hockey. The sports games and fans will always keep you on your toes.

We love our sister cities and would love to share them with you:

  1. Cypress, TX
  2. Cloverleaf, TX
  3. Bellaire, TX
  4. Aldine, TX
  5. Jacinto City, TX
  6. Jersey Village, TX
  7. Nassau Bay, TX
  8. Hedwig Village, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

Is it ever too late for a relationship to be mended?

It is only too late if one person in the relationship has totally given up and is not willing to work further. Even if that is the case for you or your spouse you may find that as you and/or your spouse attend counseling there are high chances that there may be a change of heart. More than not there will be a new understanding giving your spouse or you the desire to try a little harder for a little longer. There is much hope in this.

Will I be blamed or become the “bad guy”?

No. Every side has a story. We know that there are typically no “bad guys” in relationships. People do things, say things, act certain ways all for a reason. What is their reasoning? Well that is what we are going to find out. No one will be made a bad guy or be made to blame during our sessions during Houston relationship therapy.

In what ways will I benefit from counseling?

The first and the main way that you will benefit from couples counseling Houston is you will begin to realize so much more about yourself. You will learn to love yourself, and learn how to change the things that you don’t love about yourself. From here your heart will open and you will learn to love and appreciate your significant other for who they are. You will learn so much more about them and see them in a new light. Your eyes will be opened and you will have new understandings.

Will my counselor understand me?

What our counselors do best is understand their clients. This is their job. To dig deep and to understand what exactly it is that their clients are thinking and feeling. They will see that and understand why you act the way you do to yourself and to your spouse. You should never feel judged, rather always understood.

Client Testimonials

I am happy that we could get awesome christian counseling. We had been looking for counseling that helped us to get closer with our values as well. Marriage counseling Houston worked out great for this for us.

Brenda Miller

My husband and I had tried relationship counseling before but my husband was not liking the counselor we had. We thought we would give it one more try here at marriage counseling Houston TX and we ended up loving our counselor. We look forward to going now and have seen a huge difference in our marriage since we started coming here.

Tessa Williams

I didn’t think our engagement was going to stick as we started to learn how different we were in couples counseling. We started premarital counseling Houston and have learned to really love our differences. We appreciate each other and feel that they will be great assets to our relationship.

Joe Smith

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Our clients have had extreme success with Houston christian counseling and couples therapy Houston. They have learned to integrate all the tools they were in need of to help fix their marriage problems.

Fill out this form today to come have your own experience with Houston christian counseling or couples therapy Houston. Call today and schedule with marriage counseling Houston. We will be the key you need to transform your life.

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Marriage Counseling Houston

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